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Price List:

Bath and Tidy - Brush - Tidy feet and cut nails - Trim face - clean ears - bath and blow dry

Full Groom - As above plus Style - clip - scissor - undercoat removal.

  • Small (Bath and Tidy)£15/(Full groom) £18-£20: Yorkshire terrier, West highland white terrier, cavalier king charles.
  • Medium(B&T)£17/(FG)£23-£25: Lhasa Apso, Spaniel (Springer/Cocker), Tibetan Terrier.
  • Large (B&T)£20/(FG)£27-£30: Labrador, Retriever, German Shepherd.
  • Giant (B&T)£30/(FG)£45-£50: New Foundland, Briard, St Bernard.

All prices subject to average coat condition all heavily matted dogs will be charged £5 every extra 1/2hour spent untangling
Pick up and drop home £5

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